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 Border Terriers
My Sidekick Border Terriers

With their unique otter-shaped head, the Border Terrier is an small intelligent breed that is both eager to please and easily trained. They are active, agile, and alert as well as relatively athletic for their size. As with all terriers, they have a tenacity about them that is bold and fearless, yet charming and fun. They make wonderful family companions and pets and their endless curiosity makes them quite endearing to their owners.

Borders Terriers carry a harsh and wiry outer coat that is weather resistant. The typical Border Terrier weighs 11-15 pounds, and stand 11-16 inches at the shoulder. Coat colours include grizzle and tan, blue and tan, or wheaten.

My Sidekick Border Terriers are bred in accordance with the Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard, maintaining the look, temperament and style that make this wonderful breed so unique.

We currently have Border Terrier Puppies Available.

Snow Winds Gyspy Girl

Ch. MySidekick’s Let’s Tango


Jamie, Tango, and Gyspy
Photo by Faye Unrau


Ch. Zealous Ruby Tuesday


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Jamie and Chica

Forever Friends

More Photos and information about our Borders Coming Soon!

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